Saturday, October 18, 2014

High Art: A Manual Concerning Artistic Perfection


This is a manual on aesthetics. The thesis of this book is that Hyper-Cubism exemplifies what is called high art. The text includes two important, mercifully short essays on the subject of art. The ambitious aim of the book is to protract in the mind of the reader an idealistic vision: the vision of a visual arts that is perfectible. It sets out to do this in the best possible way: by direct illustration. The author is a Hyper-Cubist par excellance, one of the members of an emerging avant-garde which aims to replace Cubism with something more complex and codifiable. Here are the secrets of one of art’s greatest movements, work which one viewer said ‘locks together like a trap that won’t let me go’.

It is now available on Amazon HERE.

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