Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Conjectures on Black Hole Physics

Stephen Hawking made some pretty strident statements on the nature of black holes some months after I posted an article called The Physics, elaborating some radical principles of my own. This led me to believe that perhaps Hawking had heard about my document, or even read it himself. Anyway, the mystery continues, but now I have a series of conjectures about THAT possibility, versus some other 'possible' possibilities, which happen to be loosely quadratic:

1. If anything can be sucked in, it (the black hole) IS anything.


2. Anything is everything (such as if all matter is somehow contained by something),


3. Everything is relative, (meaning there is no containment-boundary to the universe, unlike in the above where it could form around a black hole),


4. A relativity is contained, in which case multiple forms of black holes might exist.

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