Friday, September 26, 2014

"Zend Trull Kendor" as Lies-About-Perpetual-Motion

Zed Hops
Draen Kale
Vohn Zust
Shon kuhl vrand
Fron zott mann
Drell zend
Chron aumpur
Vrull zend ift urr
Rull wend finn
Rond uon rae
Frist zend zull
Shrae kend frist
Zend trull kendor

Translation (all lies, ostensibly):

He took drugs
And immediately
He lost his name
He was no fool
The gods were angry
It was said he would die
By their trick
So he was upset
As long as he was this way
When he died
He would rule the world
All of a sudden
He returned the gesture
This truant bard

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