Monday, September 29, 2014

Perpetual Motion Genius' Guide to Meaning

This brief text illustrates 16 different subjects which someone might find meaningful. Not economics or history, but instead, things like metaphor, artists, and the immortal Way.


From the Introduction: "One inspired afternoon, I decided to set down a list of the things that seemed most meaningful to me, running from the least to the most advanced concepts. None of this was rocket science. But it did require an eye for the extraordinary. The result was this book..." This text, which is large-print like a children's book, introduces a variety of sometimes surprising phrases which summarize the concept of life's significance, with insight into what gives the concept meaning. The short (32-page) format gives ample room for lazy reading and profound thought. Make notes in the margins if you want to! This is a summation of life's significance from a prolific author, with an eye towards future continuities.

The book may be purchased on Amazon HERE.

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