Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Dramatis Personae: Stories for Inventing History

An alternate history title.


Twenty incredible stories from the past, present, and future lives of Nathan Coppedge: the text includes two sections. The first section is called ‘The Self,’ and is devoted to Nathan Coppedge’s interesting incarnations as a ‘cave boy,’ ‘the urchin of Ur,’ one of the Eight Chinese Immortals, the Egyptian god of Astonishment, the burner of the Library of Alexandria, the inventor of the book, a child who names himself the end of humanity, Pippin son of William Tell, Pharisee the Fakir, the spy Aaron Burr, the self-made Rip Van Winkl, someone who believed himself to be Euler, the so-called Burgher King, a soul inside a super-computer, Eucaleh and a number of quasi-devilish future lives. Section Two is called ‘Others,’ and is devoted to a variety of personalities which Coppedge feels influenced history---all of them concocted with a faculty for creative invention. This is alternate-history-in-the-making, all from the standpoint of a self-described ‘potential novelist.’

The title is now available at Amazon HERE.

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