Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Perpetual Motion Genius' Guide to Historic Deaths


This 32-page work introduces causes of death throughout history, beginning with the city of Ur, and extending into the early 21st Century. Concise and full of quasi-magical insights, this piece stands as one of the great possibilities for recovering from historical misfortune. The end note attributes the writing's intelligence to the Goddess History.

From the Introduction: "I thought, perhaps I will write about the moment that science discovers that it is God, because Eucaleh discovered it in a book of medieval deaths… Here is a treatise I researched through my interests in immortality, time-travel, and magic, subjects of later volumes of the Dimensional Encyclopedia. Enjoy this perverse work, and how it arranges life’s privileges chrono-logically!"

The book was written in a day, making the aspects of reference cohere marvelously and with lucidity.

This text is available for purchase on Amazon HERE.

Perpetual Motion Genius' Guide to Architecture & Automobiles


This guide serves to explain a very contemporary idea of architecture, along with theories on how perpetual motion could change the automobile industry. The categorical format, sketching out two triangles of descriptive matter, proves to be an interesting argument.

From the Introduction: "On yet another inspired afternoon, I framed a few concepts which in my mind summarized the nature of architecture: the concept of the monster in the basement (in other words, the furnace), the general nature of intermediate floors and upper floors summarized as the relationship between elevators and stairs and the size and relationship of the upper rooms, etc. I attached to this the rudiments of my theory of perpetual motion automobiles, for added interest."

This text may be purchased at Amazon HERE.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Perpetual Motion Genius' Guide to Meaning

This brief text illustrates 16 different subjects which someone might find meaningful. Not economics or history, but instead, things like metaphor, artists, and the immortal Way.


From the Introduction: "One inspired afternoon, I decided to set down a list of the things that seemed most meaningful to me, running from the least to the most advanced concepts. None of this was rocket science. But it did require an eye for the extraordinary. The result was this book..." This text, which is large-print like a children's book, introduces a variety of sometimes surprising phrases which summarize the concept of life's significance, with insight into what gives the concept meaning. The short (32-page) format gives ample room for lazy reading and profound thought. Make notes in the margins if you want to! This is a summation of life's significance from a prolific author, with an eye towards future continuities.

The book may be purchased on Amazon HERE.

I recently summarized my thought progress over time

as a series of five variables with clauses:

·Problem (complexity), 1982-2001
I tested my mother by asking for a machine gun to see what kind of complexity lay ahead of me. Then I thought of a popcorn gun that would shoot by popping popcorn (which didn't work). Meanwhile, I found some of the experiences that would lead to my later thought process. The concept of complexity led me to develop paranoid schizophrenia in 2001.

·Unity (elementese), 2001 - 2005
I thought of several concepts including a CatSpur shoes concept, but my most significant accomplishments were in establishing a rudimentary philosophy involving coherent circles and axial relationships of words, such as opposites.

·Modism (perfection), 2005 - 2009
I had an epiphany for the Tilt Motor perpetual motion concept, perhaps as a development of philosophy concepts. I then thought of 50 or 60 other designs in the next two years, some of them very poorly designed. Thoughts about modality led my philosophy to develop.

·Quantification (minor omni-science / coherentism), 2009 - 2013
Thoughts about the problem of quantification, such as, 'how to make it mean something?' led me to develop categorical deduction, the foundation of what might sometimes be called 'omni-science' or objective coherentism. This is one of my most major accomplishments, probably my most major contribution to philosophy. I also invented a theory of exceptionism, which to my knowledge is the first real formalism of exceptionistic theories in philosophy, although clearly there have been other examples of pursuing exceptions, sometimes it has been burdened by formal constraints without adopting a specific unique formalism that could be identified with exceptions.

·Exceptional Cases (formal perfections), 2013 - 2014
In 2014 I made several important formalistic discoveries, including the discovery of the Master Angle allowing objects to roll upwards, the 3 Proofs of Perpetual Motion, and the virtual invention of a number of prospective movements in philosophy, such as Sophology, Metemphysics, Variablism, and Applicationism.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

I found a six-leaf clover---today around 5 pm.

Supposedly I'm destined for fame. Unless I'm just being childish...

Maybe this is why my favorite color is veridian, and not navy blue.

Friday, September 26, 2014

"Zend Trull Kendor" as Lies-About-Perpetual-Motion

Zed Hops
Draen Kale
Vohn Zust
Shon kuhl vrand
Fron zott mann
Drell zend
Chron aumpur
Vrull zend ift urr
Rull wend finn
Rond uon rae
Frist zend zull
Shrae kend frist
Zend trull kendor

Translation (all lies, ostensibly):

He took drugs
And immediately
He lost his name
He was no fool
The gods were angry
It was said he would die
By their trick
So he was upset
As long as he was this way
When he died
He would rule the world
All of a sudden
He returned the gesture
This truant bard

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What's Still Undetermined About the Master Angle

*I don't know if the path must have a slight bend in the middle.

*I don't absolutely know if the spring of the cardboard is contributing to motion.

*To date, I don't know if it requires the gravity of my body.

*But, otherwise it appears to be functional as a master angle unit.

*I even have an evidence of acceleration over time!

"Good News Overall!"

Here is a link to the main Master Angle / Escher Machine Page.

And here is a link to the main video: http://www.academicroom.com/video/master-angle-elementary-discovery

Rumors about Perpetual Motion Machines Sept. 2014

"The first is the faust" (lowercase f)...

Additional Explanation

"So... It pays the way for the future / It's the same with computers"

"The order of nature has the parallactics of satin"

"Much is lost in the cloth (satin)"

"Variable edicts determine what's dross"

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Perpetual Motion Genius' Guide for Interface Design

A unique book, now available!


This text provides an excellent quality guide of prophetic proportions, providing one-, two-, three-, four-, and five- dimensional standards for interface design. Breezy to read and offering numerous insights and a large number of useful acronyms, if this guide does not become a classic it is a mistake. More than a bridge between short periods of interface progress, this guide offers long-term extrospection on the real nature of interface---meaningful, technical, and otherwise---that is likely to occur in the next entire millenium!

For those interested, it may be purchased on Amazon HERE (in both text and kindle formats).

Alchemy of Perpetual Motion

A Short List of Ingredients:

Vain Opinions
Physical Laws
Essential Diagrams
Eclectic Evidences
"Perfect" Substances for Building
A blue moon, elves, etc.
(Industrial Oversight)

The list might go on,

"Agendoed by History"

Errata of the Mechanists, #5

Concerning my 'three proofs'.

It basically proves that if perpetual motion doesn't exist, it's a coincidence.

"God has a rolling coin!"

Monday, September 22, 2014

Errata of the Mechanists, #4

I have sensed recently a return to blind criticism of perpetual motion, lackings of willingness to openly discuss the promising concepts I have constructed (mere examples---not yet functioning, but nonetheless, good ones as examples go).

The Lesson Being:

"If life gives you figs, throw them back"

(figs being an emblem of Isaac Newton in my imagination).

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Over 100 Books Sold!

I have reached a new pinnacle of performance: I have sold 100 copies of my books this year! That counts e-book editions and text editions of over 30 titles, some of which have not yet sold.

My author page may be reached at: http://www.amazon.com/author/nathancoppedge

Friday, September 19, 2014

Omega Plans: How to Do Better Without Masturbating


Pre-eminent book in masturbation recovery.

This is a good book to give someone who might have a masturbation problem. The advice comes from someone who for a long time had no religious motivation. Trouble that developed caused him to turn around and see that he was missing out on a big part of life. And this book gives advice asking everyone to participate and to be more divine. Forget reverse psychology, it won’t persuade people, even when some small part of them admits that they want a better life than what God is offering them. Avoiding masturbation is the answer, and this book provides sensitive advice.

It is now available at Amazon.

Picture Feature: How to Avoid Real Scams and Become Master of Your Business


The advice in this book is aimed to assist in remaining mentally alert, and uncovers some of the gritty, seedy aspects underlying real-life scammers. The author gives advice relating to luck, success, and especially, how to avoid scams, in this short text. The author has a real success story which he leaves on the margins of this book, which is that he found the ONLY real business man in South Africa, and used the arrangement to become a more successful author, and someone who, it may be said, knows how to avoid scams.

It may be found on Amazon HERE.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Commercial Art Website

received its first review.



See Reviews HERE.

My Art Book is available HERE for somewhat less than what the gentleman paid (the art book also received 4 STARS, although the reviewer was my Dad).

Perpetual Motion "Coffee" Depression

What is the problem with people who love Starbucks more than perpetual motion?

I must go to sleep like I'm dead...
Until I WAKE UP TO perpetual motion

Monday, September 15, 2014

Futuristic Technology Paradigms

The price of A.I.

The price of perfection (music, "sex," etc.).

The price of focus / new paradigms.

The cheapness of philosophy vs. elitism.

Intermediate zoning concepts.

How to "hack" it all, or some part.

Intertexture and digital emporiums (think soul-gems concepts for real life, with slightly softer concept)

Chemical engineering.

Virtual-Transtemporal Interface --- e.g. because of longevity and shifting reality concepts.

Back to hacking$

Back to paradigms$

(Back to the future$)

Purple Clover

You know what this means?


We've entered the Volitional Age.

[Everyone is treated as royalty when there is perpetual motion; everyone has free money, hence free luck. But who yet has displayed this sign?].

I'm ahead of the Visual Education Project Website

perhaps for a large number of days.

They are responsible for some of the most popular perpetual motion videos on YouTube.

But their website is less popular (my videos are less popular).

I'm currently ranked 27th for "perpetual motion machines" on objective search on Google. Cool!



Saturday, September 13, 2014

Three Proofs of Perpetual Motion

I ordered these brass name plates at PrecisionEngraving on Etsy.com. Sorry I couldn't get a clear photo. It's the content that counts, I suppose.

More about perpetual motion at my website at: http://www.nathancoppedge.com/Perpetual_Motion.html

If book sales increase at an exponential pace of 650% per year, as they have this year

then I may be a millionaire in 6 years!

"That would crack some toast!"

Second bets are Hyper-Cubism and perpetual motion.

I literally may have the equivalent of at least $10,000 or more of artwork in my apartment, even if the drawings are worth only $10 /each. If they're worth $100 each, I may easily have $1 Million worth of artwork, counting the paintings, which have already sold in the triple digits.

For Those Doing Research on Categorical Deduction,

You will be pleased to find a new resource available at Wikimedia Commons:

International Sales

My first sale from India reported today.
Earlier sales from this year include:
1 Japan.
1 Germany.
1 France.
1 Spain.
3 Italy.
About 15 sales in the UK.

Counting e-books.

I've reached Level 6 on Yahoo! Answers

That means about 440 Best Answers, and 10,000 Points.

I answered 1790 Questions, and posed 35 questions myself.

I have 26 - 27% Best Answer Overall.

My handle is 'drypress', after my Yahoo! username.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Unique Perpetual Motion Experiences

Not the spirit of Isaac Newton!
I think he has this thing where he isn't Einstein.
(Attacking me with a supposedly brighter, but all-too-unfortunate idea,
e.g. that perpetual motion isn't real)


sisyphus is dead!
9/9/2014: 9:39pm
long shadow conjecture
(did he try to run over the inventor?)
you have to admit, that's old physics, not new
that's like not believing in perpetual motion
that's like not believing in the gods
(maybe there's a chance he ran himself over...)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Dramatis Personae: Stories for Inventing History

An alternate history title.


Twenty incredible stories from the past, present, and future lives of Nathan Coppedge: the text includes two sections. The first section is called ‘The Self,’ and is devoted to Nathan Coppedge’s interesting incarnations as a ‘cave boy,’ ‘the urchin of Ur,’ one of the Eight Chinese Immortals, the Egyptian god of Astonishment, the burner of the Library of Alexandria, the inventor of the book, a child who names himself the end of humanity, Pippin son of William Tell, Pharisee the Fakir, the spy Aaron Burr, the self-made Rip Van Winkl, someone who believed himself to be Euler, the so-called Burgher King, a soul inside a super-computer, Eucaleh and a number of quasi-devilish future lives. Section Two is called ‘Others,’ and is devoted to a variety of personalities which Coppedge feels influenced history---all of them concocted with a faculty for creative invention. This is alternate-history-in-the-making, all from the standpoint of a self-described ‘potential novelist.’

The title is now available at Amazon HERE.

Rank for Perpetual Motion Machine Designs & Theory

Temporarily rated at:

#150,947 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)