Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Book Sales

4 sales through expanded distribution (book stores), via my CreateSpace account.

According to this data, bookstores have sold:

2 Copies of How to Write Aphorisms,
1 Copy of Nathan Coppedge's Perpetual Motion Machine Designs & Theory, and
1 Copy of 1-Page-Classics.

Overall, including online sales and e-books, the following books are the most popular:

1. The Dimensional Philosopher's Toolkit (22 copies sold)
2. Nathan Coppedge's Perpetual Motion Machine Designs & Theory (20 copies sold).
3. How to Write Aphorisms (9 copies sold)

Even if these sales look disappointing, I'm doing at least 550% better than last year, so that's a good sign. At this rate, it might count as a career in four years ($87,500 / yr. at that point), assuming a 5X exponential curve.

However, for now, it's only about $140 / year reliably, thanks to my excellent publisher it's not even less.

You have to take into account that I've published 32 books, most of them this year, so:

A. There's a big popularity cushion, assuming people don't think I'm just braining myself.
B. I'm at the very minimum of potential exposure right now.

So, I don't want to call the four years to that much money conservative, but it does seem achievable in ideal conditions, by my estimates.

Meanwhile I may have proven over-unity! But that's another issue. 'Another issue' seems so cruel this way!

For those looking for my Amazon Profile, it can be found there. My e-books are now listed as $0 - $2.99 instead of the previous $4.99 ridiculousness. I have also updated several of my books (actually many of them) with new content.

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