Saturday, July 5, 2014

Perpetual Motion Genius Guide for Intelligent Babies


Babies also share a kinship with the problems of life. In this expert guide, based on a proven psychological technique, Nathan Coppedge details the precise pattern to creating intelligence in newborn children and up to two years old --- whether they are ‘sensitive’ or ‘insensitive’, ‘gifted’ or ‘de-sensitized’, early-talkers or unconscious ‘zombies’. Included is a baby’s guide designed for reading aloud. It involves image-focusing descriptions and crystal-clear encouragement, combined with a technique involving simple long-term promises and heightened imagination. Also included at the end is a brief parents’ guide for focusing the book’s reader on the task ahead. A lucid, clear body of thought designed to assist any infant in crossing the most fundamental barriers, the barriers that are often neglected and ignored until later-life problems emerge. Here is the opportunity to clear the cobwebs and improve the life of your child ---- where it counts, at the very beginning. 

It can be found on Amazon, HERE.

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