Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Book: The Scientific Papers


“Who is credited with ‘the theory of perpetual motion’ ?

'Several scientist (sic) has been credited for their theories of Perpetual Motion such as Isaac Newton, Nathan Coppedge, and Albert Einstein.”

---KGB Answers

Nathan Coppedge is renowned in the dubious field of theoretical perpetual motion machines. The book offers a perspective on Mr. Coppedge’s notable scientific discoveries  including the Nov. 10, 2013 over-unity experiment, and his July 3rd, 2014 discovery of a “master angle” purported to allow objects to roll upwards. It also includes other discoveries, in such areas as block constructions, balance, counterbalance, angularity,  Newton’s Laws of Motion, etc. The book promises relatively invigorating reading with many of the qualities of nascient scientific discovery.

This text is available on Amazon HERE.

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