Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mottoes of the (Purported) Inventor of Perpetual Motion

"Thank God it's perpetual motion"

"It's not the devil's helicopter, it's God's rolling pin"

"It's not every day you invent a function for a building, (like making it move of its own volition)..."

"Vescension, devescension, volition!"

"The moment is ripe for perpetual motion!"

"Run your clocks on it!"

"Finally, karma for economics at every level!"

"A new meaning for beyond physics --- beyond conventional physics!"

"The only money for understanding subtlety lies in unlimited energy!"

"Prosper, nothing! Live again!"

"Moments hurry, but for once the clocks are after us!"

"Man mated with machine and there was an inevitable brain child!"

"Now you can pay rent with a single investment! There's finally reason to be rich"

"I cope with complexity --- you cope with perfection"

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