Monday, July 14, 2014

Metaphysical Semantics


The author describes a series of themes binding the concept of semantics to that of metaphysics. The themes are light on mere academicism, and heavy on philosophical phenomena. The difficulty is that semantics is a heavy theme with light treatment. Metaphysics, when it does not adopt heavy assumptions, remains a heavy theme in which major conclusions are (predominately in intellectual history) a rarity. The author makes an effort to solve this double-conundrum in a conversational style, by introducing a series of themes, including “Dimentia,” “Realism,” “Dreams,” “Knowledge / Death,” “Madness,” “Filling in the Gaps,” “The Pigeon-Holed Straw Man” etc. Included are a number of brilliant arguments defending the idea that semantics is intrinsic to our concept of reality. This text offers a gradual resolution of the perceived problem between semantics and reality.

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