Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I have been communicating

with a gentleman named Adam Rabinowitz who claims to be a South African businessman.

He claims he has sold a computer program called Imagin8, and is now helping with a 'commercial pilot' to try selling books in South African cafes.

As it happens, I am a self-published author who happens to qualify for this unique program.

According to Google maps, the address he gives is a real location, although it is unmarked, and there are several small security firms located nearby. It seems plausible that he could afford to live there, if rents tend to be cheap, and he is a real business person.

The business agreement he gave me seemed pretty generous, although without promising much money.

If any of my blog visitors think that this is a total scam, please comment.

I for one, would like to believe I could sell a small number of books in South Africa.

Once in a blue moon, but still. I estimate that if it is legit I would make a maximum of $400 in the first year, so it is not like there's a risk of promising too much money.

He has suggested that I give only $70 and he claims that it is mostly a one-time payment that would help 'push it off the ground'. It seems accurate that the books would cost $6.50 to print, meaning that the $70 really just compensates the business for the printing costs. So that seems okay.

I have about 16 four-leaf clovers, and 2 five-leaf clovers, if that makes any difference to your judgment.

Please comment with your opinions on this matter.

Could this be the 'only' legitimate businessman in South Africa? Or am I delusional?

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