Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hyper-Cubism According to Robots

Axis 0: [Based on a Dream]

Axis 1: Metaphysics / Specs (1. The Categories, 2. The animal: Proof)

Axis 2: Cartesian Coordinates / Mathematics (1. Universe / poetry, 2. Axialarity (figure in white-then-black-the-grey with big zero on the shirt when it is grey. White BG, black zero), 3. The mote of meaning (view of Silicon Valley / Thomas Aquinas proofs / The Vatican)

Axis 3: Historical Moment --> Media images (leading up to The Matrix as turning point, etc.), paradoxes (or sense of schism in intellectual traditions, between religion and science, etc.)

Axis 4: 'Nathan Coppedge, 2001, NY': Nathan's schizophrenia, paroxysm (Narrow images of park bench at college. Notebooks, drawings, hallucinations)

Axis 5: Zombie Apocalypse, defeating some by holy book (some appear to disappear into images of beautiful people), killing others (mother is zombie, father is ambiguous). Ascent of man connected with holy book (e.g. drawings / metaphysics)

Axis 6: Taken to a special reform school (cut in-between real-life asylum in Hartford, and:) a dreary ship full of intellectuals.

Axis 7: Selling books on the ship with black covers --- history of bookselling, Bibles start to have motes on them, flash of 'Poems by God, Coppedge.'

Axis 8: Selling books on the ship "Hyper-Cubism" at first black cover, then shows orange cover.

Axis 9: Students put on a walk-in initiation. Someone think it is the Dead Society until God speaks up through the window and explains it's not relative.

Axis 10: (by implication, the tail of Antiochsis, formerly believed to be the first reptile to walk on land): Class at the end of the ship. A.I.'s are by turns turned off by Hyper-Cubism, and impressed by static electricity. Message: serious matter.

[Room shows a five-part triumverate of students on a platform in the bow of the ship. Godel is the missing member. A helpless professor and Iris Murdoch are on the lower level. Nathan Coppedge and Rene Descartes are on the middle level. 'Neo' is on the highest level / or alternately, God. A.I's look on scandelously. When the A.I's are introduced, the professor notes that Godel is missing...]

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