Friday, July 18, 2014

Best Immortality Quotes by Nathan Coppedge

“With extended purpose, there should be extended life”

"Industry is the second life of nature"

"Let oneself be known for little things, and greatness will follow"

"Time is an institution"

"Time is situated in nature. Nature is larger than time"

"They say most people learn everything in their infancy"

"If you don't know how to live to 1000, you have a (maximum) 50% chance of living to 500"

"[T]he primary role of symbols is biological"

These quotes come from the as-yet-unpublished Dimensional Immortality Toolkit, scheduled to be released by 2028.

My articles on immortality may be found at (search for 'immortality coppedge' if you do not find them immediately).

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