Monday, July 14, 2014

Arche-Logos: Archetypal Cutting-Edge Diagrammatic Philosophy Methods



“Philosophy has not always been viewed in a purely symbolic manner. Most notably, recently, there has been a turn towards ‘pure literature’ and ‘pure math’ to explain reality. In this book, as a departure from the norm, philosophy defines itself almost exclusively through symbolism. The territory of symbolism is vast, and the methods that it entails are no less impressive. With considerate study, these aspects may even apply to the moderns in profound ways. The title of this book --- “Arche-Logos’ is meant to suggest the eternity of philosophy, and the necessarily symbolic importance of this most magnificent study.”

Included in this text are seven major methods of implied philosophical importance: Analyptic Diagrams, the IEOCh Method, Vesselexts, AOLT-There Diagrams, Concise Atrixes, Apertures, and Temporal Map-Types.

The book is now available from Amazon HERE.

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