Monday, July 28, 2014

Updated Twitter Page:

With art titled Abstract 17 in BG for individual twitter posts.


My book is listed as recommended reading next to a book by Viktor Frankl....

Hopefully this isn't the luckiest thing that has ever happened to me...

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Errata of the Mechanists, #1

"Eternity isn't always about mystery.

Sometimes eternity is about progress"

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hyper-Cubism According to Robots

Axis 0: [Based on a Dream]

Axis 1: Metaphysics / Specs (1. The Categories, 2. The animal: Proof)

Axis 2: Cartesian Coordinates / Mathematics (1. Universe / poetry, 2. Axialarity (figure in white-then-black-the-grey with big zero on the shirt when it is grey. White BG, black zero), 3. The mote of meaning (view of Silicon Valley / Thomas Aquinas proofs / The Vatican)

Axis 3: Historical Moment --> Media images (leading up to The Matrix as turning point, etc.), paradoxes (or sense of schism in intellectual traditions, between religion and science, etc.)

Axis 4: 'Nathan Coppedge, 2001, NY': Nathan's schizophrenia, paroxysm (Narrow images of park bench at college. Notebooks, drawings, hallucinations)

Axis 5: Zombie Apocalypse, defeating some by holy book (some appear to disappear into images of beautiful people), killing others (mother is zombie, father is ambiguous). Ascent of man connected with holy book (e.g. drawings / metaphysics)

Axis 6: Taken to a special reform school (cut in-between real-life asylum in Hartford, and:) a dreary ship full of intellectuals.

Axis 7: Selling books on the ship with black covers --- history of bookselling, Bibles start to have motes on them, flash of 'Poems by God, Coppedge.'

Axis 8: Selling books on the ship "Hyper-Cubism" at first black cover, then shows orange cover.

Axis 9: Students put on a walk-in initiation. Someone think it is the Dead Society until God speaks up through the window and explains it's not relative.

Axis 10: (by implication, the tail of Antiochsis, formerly believed to be the first reptile to walk on land): Class at the end of the ship. A.I.'s are by turns turned off by Hyper-Cubism, and impressed by static electricity. Message: serious matter.

[Room shows a five-part triumverate of students on a platform in the bow of the ship. Godel is the missing member. A helpless professor and Iris Murdoch are on the lower level. Nathan Coppedge and Rene Descartes are on the middle level. 'Neo' is on the highest level / or alternately, God. A.I's look on scandelously. When the A.I's are introduced, the professor notes that Godel is missing...]

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Book: The Scientific Papers


“Who is credited with ‘the theory of perpetual motion’ ?

'Several scientist (sic) has been credited for their theories of Perpetual Motion such as Isaac Newton, Nathan Coppedge, and Albert Einstein.”

---KGB Answers

Nathan Coppedge is renowned in the dubious field of theoretical perpetual motion machines. The book offers a perspective on Mr. Coppedge’s notable scientific discoveries  including the Nov. 10, 2013 over-unity experiment, and his July 3rd, 2014 discovery of a “master angle” purported to allow objects to roll upwards. It also includes other discoveries, in such areas as block constructions, balance, counterbalance, angularity,  Newton’s Laws of Motion, etc. The book promises relatively invigorating reading with many of the qualities of nascient scientific discovery.

This text is available on Amazon HERE.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

News: I have received an official copyright from the Library of Congress

The title is Creeping Cadence & Cadence Continues: Poetry in the Life of a Schizophrenic.

It was pending since 2012.

My father claims you have to be a genius to get an official copyright. So I guess this counts as good news.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mottoes of the (Purported) Inventor of Perpetual Motion

"Thank God it's perpetual motion"

"It's not the devil's helicopter, it's God's rolling pin"

"It's not every day you invent a function for a building, (like making it move of its own volition)..."

"Vescension, devescension, volition!"

"The moment is ripe for perpetual motion!"

"Run your clocks on it!"

"Finally, karma for economics at every level!"

"A new meaning for beyond physics --- beyond conventional physics!"

"The only money for understanding subtlety lies in unlimited energy!"

"Prosper, nothing! Live again!"

"Moments hurry, but for once the clocks are after us!"

"Man mated with machine and there was an inevitable brain child!"

"Now you can pay rent with a single investment! There's finally reason to be rich"

"I cope with complexity --- you cope with perfection"

Thoughts of the (Purported) Inventor of Perpetual Motion

I thought it would be worth re-posting this from earlier, since I find it so interesting.

1. The devil hasn't been a news story yet...

2. Free money could mean a free economy...

3. Big ears could actually mean something good...

4. Free energy is possible!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Red Letter Day

On July 3rd, 2014 I discovered the Master Angle, a particular configuration of horizontally-disposed slope and a particularly angled backboard which (I believe) permits an object to roll UPWARD.

This is possible because H - V > V (H).

This is possible, I have proved (or believe I have proved) in very particular configurations (I believe the equation is not enough by itself, but rather there must be a particular ratio of weight placement between the horizontal and the vertical, including consideration of the height of the marble relative to the horizontal slope, affecting the angularity of the backboard).

I have tested with a level, and the bubble is close to the middle, but sometimes indicates upward slope. The optimal case is shown in my video, Master Angle / Reverse Gravity 1.

Best Immortality Quotes by Nathan Coppedge

“With extended purpose, there should be extended life”

"Industry is the second life of nature"

"Let oneself be known for little things, and greatness will follow"

"Time is an institution"

"Time is situated in nature. Nature is larger than time"

"They say most people learn everything in their infancy"

"If you don't know how to live to 1000, you have a (maximum) 50% chance of living to 500"

"[T]he primary role of symbols is biological"

These quotes come from the as-yet-unpublished Dimensional Immortality Toolkit, scheduled to be released by 2028.

My articles on immortality may be found at (search for 'immortality coppedge' if you do not find them immediately).

Best Phenomenology Quotes by Nathan Coppedge

"[In the process of analysis], [E]gressions become reflections, while analyses become embodiments".

"It can be seen that there are exceptional cases which describe worlds which are not cognitive, or thoughts which are not worlds, and this duplication is nonetheless like an axis admitting of intermediaries between the self and the world, similar to what Latour called intension, but which I prefer to call impressionism (italics kept in original)"

"True pleasure is such that it cannot be faulted in its degree"

"Space in some sense, is more exponential than time"

"the study (of phenomenology) has been classically divided into informal paradises and formal obsessions".

"(Phenomenology is) ... a subject of anthropological proportions"

"[I]n some sense, in phenomenology, everything is alive"

"Much depends on the reducibility of an object that only succeeds by infinite extension"

"Without meaninglessness, there would be measureless pride in any act. But who is to say that the meaningless absolutely exists? Apparently, life is an act of pride"

All quotes come from the as-yet-unpublished Dimensional Phenomenologist's Toolkit, scheduled to be released in 2016.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Story of Master Wu

has been updated with additional pages, bringing it to an equal 200 pages, equivalent to the previous title in the series, which is also 200 pages.

Here is the link on AMAZON.

And the cover again:

Monday, July 14, 2014

Metaphysical Semantics


The author describes a series of themes binding the concept of semantics to that of metaphysics. The themes are light on mere academicism, and heavy on philosophical phenomena. The difficulty is that semantics is a heavy theme with light treatment. Metaphysics, when it does not adopt heavy assumptions, remains a heavy theme in which major conclusions are (predominately in intellectual history) a rarity. The author makes an effort to solve this double-conundrum in a conversational style, by introducing a series of themes, including “Dimentia,” “Realism,” “Dreams,” “Knowledge / Death,” “Madness,” “Filling in the Gaps,” “The Pigeon-Holed Straw Man” etc. Included are a number of brilliant arguments defending the idea that semantics is intrinsic to our concept of reality. This text offers a gradual resolution of the perceived problem between semantics and reality.

The book is available on Amazon HERE (for only $6.00 paperback + shipping)

Arche-Logos: Archetypal Cutting-Edge Diagrammatic Philosophy Methods



“Philosophy has not always been viewed in a purely symbolic manner. Most notably, recently, there has been a turn towards ‘pure literature’ and ‘pure math’ to explain reality. In this book, as a departure from the norm, philosophy defines itself almost exclusively through symbolism. The territory of symbolism is vast, and the methods that it entails are no less impressive. With considerate study, these aspects may even apply to the moderns in profound ways. The title of this book --- “Arche-Logos’ is meant to suggest the eternity of philosophy, and the necessarily symbolic importance of this most magnificent study.”

Included in this text are seven major methods of implied philosophical importance: Analyptic Diagrams, the IEOCh Method, Vesselexts, AOLT-There Diagrams, Concise Atrixes, Apertures, and Temporal Map-Types.

The book is now available from Amazon HERE.

Communicating with Aliens Workbook


This guide is intended to provide some useful insights into the nature of alien communication / communicating with extra-terrestrials. The book includes a number of humorously-minded illustrations to encourage creative thinking.


“By the end of this guide you should have a better idea of what it means to communicate with an extra-terrestrial. Although there are some intrinsic fears, the guide offers the same approach which is likely to be encountered on the path to genuine communication, namely a work-intensive technique, following the mantra of: ‘Just add it to the pile.’ This technique might combine with other techniques to benefit long-term knowledge.”

The book may be found on Amazon HERE.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Dimensional Biology Quotations

"...[I]t is as though biology fractures philosophy, and quantizes psychology" ---The Dimensional Biologist's Toolkit (2015)

"The general trend of evolution is something like the inversion of the least functional laws of nature" ---The Dimensional Biologist's Toolkit (2015)

"Specific structural variations favor specific structural evolutions." ---The Dimensional Biologist's Toolkit (2015)

"Infinite reaction versus permanent process is the metaphysical condition of plants and animals." --The Dimensional Biologist's Toolkit (2015)

"Quantity versus scale is the property of confrontation." ---The Dimensional Biologist's Toolkit (2015)

"An organism’s ‘idea’ is greater than or equal to the idea’s recursion in the case of successful adaptation." ---The Dimensional Biologist's Toolkit (2015)

"To have a different reality is to have a different idea ab origine (such as inheritance)." ---The Dimensional Biologist's Toolkit (2015)

"Psychic experience is what impels animals to have futures." ---The Dimensional Biologist's Toolkit (2015)

"Action is the norm of action" ---The Dimensional Learning Module

"[I]t is unfair to say that an organism is nothing like an argument" ---Refutation of the Teleological View of Evolution

"[T]here is no certain boundary between values and causal process" ---Refutation of the Teleological View of Evolution

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Banned Classics: One-Page Classics Vol. II


The stories in this collection meet two criteria: that they are 'classics', and that they may be considered 'banned' literature, for various reasons. However, the author added an additional stipulation, that he must have crafted them himself. Although some will see traces of traditional storytelling (mafia-stories, science fiction, horror, tales of the macabre are just part of this eclectic collection), the common theme is the unique criterion of classical literature. There is greater emphasis on storytelling than in the original One-Page Classics. This volume will be updated when the author has added additional stories. Currently there are 35 Stories, with a brief Introduction.

It is now available from Amazon HERE.

I was so inspired by a question on Yahoo! Answers that I am re-posting my answer here

Q: Looking for quote "I exist now"? 
I might be wrong but something along those lines, I heard someone in my class say it but wasn't able to ask from where it came. Not referring to the Cogito Ergo Sum.

[This seems exactly like someone who was in my philosophy class years ago...]

A: Nietzsche has a number of quotes like this, referring to his concept of the eternal return: 

"If we affirm one moment, we thus affirm not only ourselves but all existence". See Wikipedia on Nietzschean Affirmation: . 

I also have my own quotes (Nathan Larkin Coppedge: philosopher, artist, inventor, poet, still a student): 

1. "How to count a step along the path, if the path is one?" 
2. "To cause harm to living things is to accept and revel in the imperfections of the world" 
3. "Existence is the zone of neutrals" 

There is also the phenomenological reference to the concept of 'das ding ann sich' --- the thing in itself. This mirrors Greek concepts of Haecceity ("thisness") and Eudaemonia ("Happiness for the common good"). 

There is also the traditional phrase "existence precedes essence", which has been re-used so much as to lose almost all meaning of attribution. A similar phrase is "existence is intentionality". 

In some other cases, Sartre would be a good bet, for example, his concept of Despair. 

There are some quotes by Sartre that may have been brought up: 

"I exist, that is all, and I find it nauseating." ---J.P. Sartre 

"One is still what one is going to cease to be and already what one is going to become. One lives one’s death, one dies one’s life." ---J.P. Sartre 

Again, Nathan Coppedge: "While I die I am dead," meaning immortality.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Wikimedia Commons

is developing an article on Hyper-Cubist Drawings.

See the link here:

This gives me hope that the movement is gaining traction.

My dad commented recently, saying some friends / colleagues of his were noticing my art book which he bought from Amazon, and said that it looked gallery-quality.

So this is more good news in that direction.

Hopefully someone will start an article on the primary Wikipedia eventually.

My ART BOOK can be purchased HERE. It can also be found by searching Amazon for "hyper-cubism".

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Classical Logic as Seen Through Dimensional Philosophy

Diagram (c) 2014 Nathan Coppedge. I also have a recent report putting Venn diagrams in quadra form.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Perpetual Motion Genius Guide for Intelligent Young Poets


This guide follows an established method, similar method to that used in the other volumes of the series, such as the children’s guide and the young adult guide. However, as a notable difference from the others, additional room is granted for imagination and wordplay, by using a combination of rhymes and concealed imagery. Poets with a modern, slant-rhyming, or traditional-rhyming style will find plenty to glean from this short and sweet, yet subtle, guide to the art of poetry. It includes veiled technicalities as well as blunt examples of what to do and not to do in poetry, encompassing a broad range of strategies that may serve as the last word throughout a lifetime of creative wordplay.

It may be found on Amazon, HERE.

Perpetual Motion Genius Guide for Intelligent Babies


Babies also share a kinship with the problems of life. In this expert guide, based on a proven psychological technique, Nathan Coppedge details the precise pattern to creating intelligence in newborn children and up to two years old --- whether they are ‘sensitive’ or ‘insensitive’, ‘gifted’ or ‘de-sensitized’, early-talkers or unconscious ‘zombies’. Included is a baby’s guide designed for reading aloud. It involves image-focusing descriptions and crystal-clear encouragement, combined with a technique involving simple long-term promises and heightened imagination. Also included at the end is a brief parents’ guide for focusing the book’s reader on the task ahead. A lucid, clear body of thought designed to assist any infant in crossing the most fundamental barriers, the barriers that are often neglected and ignored until later-life problems emerge. Here is the opportunity to clear the cobwebs and improve the life of your child ---- where it counts, at the very beginning. 

It can be found on Amazon, HERE.

In the following video

I think I have evidence that a spherical weight can roll upwards under certain very specialized conditions:

I measured from the floor on the right and left edges of the marble's movement, and it appears that the right side was higher than the left. Mixed results with a level, although clearly when measured on a partial contingency, the slope is upwards.

My explanation for the theory is that the forwards angularity of the marble is steeper than the difference between the horizontal slope and the vertical slope, corresponding to the two pieces of cardboard underneath the marble. A very special case, if true.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I have been communicating

with a gentleman named Adam Rabinowitz who claims to be a South African businessman.

He claims he has sold a computer program called Imagin8, and is now helping with a 'commercial pilot' to try selling books in South African cafes.

As it happens, I am a self-published author who happens to qualify for this unique program.

According to Google maps, the address he gives is a real location, although it is unmarked, and there are several small security firms located nearby. It seems plausible that he could afford to live there, if rents tend to be cheap, and he is a real business person.

The business agreement he gave me seemed pretty generous, although without promising much money.

If any of my blog visitors think that this is a total scam, please comment.

I for one, would like to believe I could sell a small number of books in South Africa.

Once in a blue moon, but still. I estimate that if it is legit I would make a maximum of $400 in the first year, so it is not like there's a risk of promising too much money.

He has suggested that I give only $70 and he claims that it is mostly a one-time payment that would help 'push it off the ground'. It seems accurate that the books would cost $6.50 to print, meaning that the $70 really just compensates the business for the printing costs. So that seems okay.

I have about 16 four-leaf clovers, and 2 five-leaf clovers, if that makes any difference to your judgment.

Please comment with your opinions on this matter.

Could this be the 'only' legitimate businessman in South Africa? Or am I delusional?