Monday, June 16, 2014

The Modist: A Philosophical Manifesto

My first manifesto...


“First unlearning is eternal law….There is a secret in every birth, every boundary, each bifurcation, any diminution.” In this text Nathan Coppedge addresses the subject of philosophy in the guise of a manifesto. The aim is to apply philosophy to all areas of life: dogma, experiences, methodology, and criticism are some of his subjects. A platform is provided for viewing categorical realism as a system of meaning which threads its way through all aspects of life. This is a philosophy of meaning, a form of applicationism, a borderline between truth and reality without compromising either. Writings on the metaphors of nature, the borderline between the Modist and culture, technology, and other subjects, is interspersed with enigmatic quotations. This work precedes most other works of his philosophy. For example, it predates both the Dimensional Philosopher’s Toolkit and Ninesquare Notebook.

This text is now available on Amazon HERE.

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