Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Some Recent Contributions

I commented at: on the subject of Copernican Revolutions.

There is also my earlier post Observations on Modal Realism, providing a critique amounting to the following: .1. Indefinable degrees of difference, especially via degrees of relevance for an initial proper term, 2. Causally, some objects may be more logical than logic, even irrationally, 3. Facts or definitions must be accepted in relationship-terms, or else in logical terms, or as entities: one of these must be the earliest point of an a posteriori, 4. Since the choice is pure logic, or else logicifying something, the conclusion is that the entire method of logic in Modal Realism assumes itself infallible.

I have also published a number of other articles at and

Towards a Mathematics of Qualities
The Proto-Critical Diatribe of Philosophy

And, just for fun, or to preserve civilization:

Communicating with Extra-Terrestrials 

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