Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Perpetual Motion Genius' Guide for Intelligent Children


Don't hyperventilate. Here is a guide to increasing any child's I.Q. The key is to have an open mind, as all children do. This guide comes from a prodigy of perpetual motion. It was sketched out in his mind before he wrote it down. It uses a proven psychological technique combining functionality, epiphany, and relaxation into a very short network of techniques that reflect in the mind automatically. This book is for ignoramuses and geniuses alike. It is almost guaranteed to raise either I.Q. or creativity in any child. Its empathetic approach, stripped of nonsense, is likely to inspire wonder, re-kindling awe. Few parents have the time and the patience to achieve what this book can achieve in minutes, or repeatedly. The insights in this book are capable of structuring mental rigor year after year, and also encourage independence and pragmatism. Get this book. Don't let you or your child's mind go to waste!

The book includes both a child's and a parents' guide to the child's intelligence. The child's guide is designed to be read aloud. Now available at Amazon.

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