Tuesday, March 4, 2014

No additional recent news

about Nathan Coppedge.

Someone bought a copy of the updated Perpetual Motion Machine Designs & Theory.

Slightly higher views on my two over-unity video pages.

Recently published The Lessons of the Master, as per the earlier posting.

Several new pendulum variations.

Mentioned the quote in Book Forum and talk by Michael (my dad) at TedX Indiana.

I've been out of school since early February due to illness.

I've mostly quit the SCSU philosophy club, also due to illness.

I have eleven books for sale on Amazon, that's the major news. (One of them is the above-mentioned book by Master Kuo).

Feeling okay, but not well. Trying to jog in my apartment sometimes to keep fit.

I can't tell if I'm over-eating or under-eating.

I reason that I have a limited budget, so how could I be over-eating?

But when I eat several meals a day, I end up feeling ill.

I should just tell myself that I feel ill anyway.

But what will cure the problem?

Not more meat, but not less, from my point of view.

I'm kind of stuck. Maybe it's just exercise I'm missing.

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