Monday, March 10, 2014

New Insight Into Perfected Dualities

(In order of discovery. But of course, some of these are considered common, non-exclusive usages. Here they are considered to be exclusive binaries, or Exclusive Binary Concepts)

1. Premium Realities
2. Prime Real-Estate
3. Optimal Personalities
4. Practical Arrangements
5. Potential Hazards
6. Pragmatic Answers
7. Ideal Problems
8. Optical Plurality
9. Profane Profundity
10. True Values
11. Paradigmatic Conditions
12. Spiritual Acumen

These categories will appear in a later work of philosophy, titled The Dimensional Metaphysics Toolkit, in a section titled "Exceptions of Normalcy". Essentially, these categories illustrate the outer bound of the metaphysical significance of ordinary reality.

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