Sunday, March 23, 2014

New Book: The Old Incantations, or Sorcery in the Dark

Poems 2001 - 2006.


Nathan Coppedge, the poet of this collection, considers this his middle period, a kind of dark age in which he produced his most meaningful work. The earlier period may be more authentic, and the later period more classical, but during this period the two were combined. In these poems, covering themes from love to lightning, and occasionally rhapsing Dickinsonian, Coppedge captures some of the enigma and powerful significance of being a poet. Like the title suggests, in at least one of these poems you will literally get the sense of calling down lightning. Nothing is quite the same without Nathan Coppedge. And it is certainly weird when he is here. These poems evoke immortality, but they also come from a voice which is in some ways more than ordinary.

The book is available on Amazon now, HERE.

The price is 4.99 for an e-book, and 9.99 or less for paperback.

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