Friday, February 28, 2014

Recent News in the Life of Nathan Coppedge

*Nov. 10, 2013: Built an over-unity device. More devices HERE.

*January- February 2014: Published 8 books so far this year:

       How to Write Aphorisms
       Masterful Zen and Sufi Koans
       Perpetual Motion Machine Designs & Theory
       The Lessons of the Master: The Story of Master Kuo
       The Ninesquare Notebook
       Poems by God
       Tractatus of Dualities
       God's Tractatus

Primary author page:

*One further book awaiting publication:

     The Dimensional Psychologist's Toolkit (pending review, one month or less until publication)

I also have new editions of the One-Page-Classics and Dimensional Philosopher's Toolkit through Amazon publishing, instead of Authorhouse. The printing is lower quality resulting in a lower price for the paperback, but the e-book is more expensive because I standardized the prices for my recent books (paying for a label, basically, but most of my books are only available through Amazon publishing).

*Father had a TED-x lecture on democracy and social science: Link HERE.

*I was cited in BookForum.Com, in a googlerank-6 blog: HERE.

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