Friday, February 28, 2014

Lessons of the Master

Lessons of the Master, by Master Kuo, is my account of a possible prior life as an escaped soldier who influenced Bushido.


This book describes all the diabolical events in the life of Master Kuo.
The themes of this novella make it appropriate to be used as a mature or gifted children’s story, or adapted as a graphic novel.
Master Kuo is supposed to be known for a number of things, such as, swinging a coin on a string, contributing to the invention of the Yin-Yang, and founding Bushido. However, for the sole reason that he looked like an ape, he has been overlooked by history.
Like many of the other erstwhile soldiers of ancient China, he was in some ways a fake, but in other ways completely authentic. And unlike some of the others, he made a name for himself, through his particular genius for history-making.
For this book alone, the author is known by that singularly unique name, Master Kuo. His talents are not to be underestimated.

The book is available for less than $10.99 from Amazon HERE.

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