Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Tractatus of Dualities, A Philosophical Tractatus in Couplets

Book Description

Philosophical students may garner this simple treasure of a book, which simultaneously evokes the Tao Te Ching and contemporary philosophy. As the title suggests, the pages are organized into sets of couplets, making use of Coppedge’s exclusive philosophical system. After a duality is proposed, exceptions are introduced, and then the cycle repeats. The six main parts of the book are subdivided into twenty-one sub-sections, forming a typological pyramid. The sections are Meaning, Containment, Surfaces, Causes, Quantities, Variations, Return, Modularity, Dimension, Entity, Function, Interface, Government, Architecture, Travel, Food, Wisdom, Work, Defense, Honor, and Usefulness. The effect is to produce a philosophical aesthetic, as of Ludwig Wittgenstein. The effect is also to produce a complex argument about form, nature, structure, and the beauty of language.

This title is to be released in 2014.

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