Saturday, January 11, 2014

Recent Developments

I have published six books on Amazon this year (one more is pending review).

On November 10th, 2013 I tested what I believe to be a successful over-unity device. If constructed in a circle (modularly repeated) this could mean real perpetual motion for any willing builder. You may see my instructions on how to reproduce the experiment.

I'm still on Social Security for a schizophrenia disability. The only way out is to have more income or live with my parents. My parents don't want me to live with them, so the only way out is higher income.

My Amazon sales are lagging. Although I don't have reports yet on my recently-published books. If Amazon is an exceptional player then I may or may not have my work in bookstores in 6-8 weeks. I don't know if they ever allow bookstore deals for direct publishing. Some of my titles should seem appealing, if it's an option, but otherwise, obviously, I'll be ditched like the rest.

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