Saturday, January 25, 2014

Interface Euphoria 6.0

Interface-Neutral may be the official name for a virtual landscape in which, whether one is in outer space or underwater, it is still possible to take notes, eat food, and communicate (e.g. use social media), exemplarized by restaurant 'islands' in Europe. The term becomes more significant when virtual comes to signify a potential sensorium of localized qualities and functions, which may then be interpreted as having applications functions vis. the permitted physics. In other words, virtual reality extends social media and gamer applications into the realm of fantasy experiences (I don't have a virtual reality interface, because I'm waiting for there to be a benchmark standard. And I'm not sure I can afford it anyway. But I've met my goal of finding an apartment with wall space for a projector).

Mechanical art may be a good starting point for a conjunction between advanced design functions and intuitive controls. (Once again, I recommend electrodes. I don't know why society is being so slow about it).

Emergent question: What is the death of manifestos? Where is the interface that ultimately pollutes the idea of making declarations about ideas? Perhaps such a thing could be desirable, but it creates contrasts with old-fashioned products that could make the products seem archaic, and hence appealing. What is not consumer is legendary, what is legendary is consumer. Who doesn't want a bookshelf near their virtual reality 'lab'?

Vis. Hawking's view that black holes don't 'exist' (see recent news article), there should be more of what is called 'exponency' upon the intellectual capital of the world, more ability to 'platform interfaces' and 'combine functions'. Ideal data will probably be available long before interfaces actually function. Unless it is merely a product paradigm.

That's my tantalization for now. Live a long life, and maybe experience virtual reality, with ideas which you yourself may originally have fed into the system. These days it doesn't take a human to find information. Corporations sometimes learn blindly, is probably true. So use the world's idea forums, such as the following:

In good time a small glimmer of an idea may become manifest as an entire paradigm of social functioning.

By the way, here is a link to my concept of an ideal webpage:

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