Saturday, December 28, 2013

Successful Test Confirmation, Weeks Later

My experiment on November 10th did not include confirmation by using a level.

Now I have used a level to confirm that the track I built out of cardboard (the 'trough' of the modular trough leverage device, which has been partially built) conforms to the requirement of including an upwards-oriented slope.

This means the device, even in it's present form, IS capable of recovering all movement, from a position of rest, including some overall upwards movement of the entire apparatus. Although the counterweight moves downwards during that time, the mobile weight is later able to operate the counterweight, compensating it for it's usefulness.

So, according to my observations, even in it's present form, this is an OVER-UNITY DEVICE!

Perpetual motion should be within reach, although I have doubts about my ability to build a full-scale device in my living room any time soon, due to space constraints. I also do not have all of the appropriate building materials presently. Maybe I can order aluminum pipettes online, or maybe they are hard to locate. Either way, there is a space constraint on building a model at the same scale. Larger would be better, but such a device wouldn't even fit in my apartment.

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