Saturday, December 14, 2013

More Recent Quotations by Nathan Coppedge

"Complexity and potential compose the potential of neutrality, an infinite system with no inherent energy...Numbers are disorganized lists, potential categories.Categories are forms of completeness, statements of meaning. Shapes are morphizations of coherency, potential systems. Systems grant meaning to numbers, by losing form...Duplications of functions and paradoxes may occur. It may be prudent to see these two phenomena as rationally identical" ---Nathan Coppedge, The Ninesquare Notebook (not yet published).

"This type of physics [metemphysics]... is the study of the materialism of ideas" ---Nathan Coppedge, from Metemphysics and the Philosophy of Concepts (Article).

"[T]he acceptance of populism is the benchmark of any attempt to improve democratic values...Perfect government can afford to be complex. And complex government can afford to be perfect. That much should be realized...[I]t is necessary on some level to intellectually engage the concept of government, ... for viable concepts based on existing government practices". ---Nathan Coppedge, The Inquisitive Quiz (Article)

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