Saturday, December 7, 2013

Interface Sequins

I have a concept of secret accesses which consist of perfected, abbreviated data channeled into new constructions. These are synergies or synapses of linguistic, ontological, and memetic knowledge, specifically in the context of hypothetical interface technology, such as virtual reality, 'mind-hacking', and other forms of potential cerebralism.

Here are some examples:

Pretzel Players: Somehow helps to understand Italy.

Noos: Greek concept of mind, or perhaps Athena's mind.

Alethosphere: Not just a noosphere, but something specific.

Pedural: 'Place-of-endurance'.

Pay Day: More and more often becoming a figurative place.

Of Fleas: A book for curmudgeons of knowledge.

Pandaemonium: That hell that isn't hell.

Archefactect: A small computer.

Boologos: An access to mathematics for philosophers.

Primary: An exchangeable name for some favoritism.

Pode: The central dot of this mereology.

Vect: Where you go when you have a rhetorical opinion.

Pede: Historical process place.

Railery: An artifact of conceptual engineering.


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