Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What Are the Dates of Nathan Coppedge's Unpatented Inventions and Inspirations?

(1999: Informs Israel of Downdraft Energy Tower Concept)

Experiments with Cubism)

(2001 - 2002:
Lost sanity)

Coherent Philosophy Unity Diagram
Ornate Style of Hyper-Cubism

Took hiatus from Hyper-Cubism,
wrote poetry)

Non-Ornate Hyper-Cubist Work
Grav-Buoy Device (at this point equivalent to Frank Tatay's design)
CatSpur Shoes
Compensation Clothing

Iteration 2 of Grav-Buoyancy
Motive Mass Machine
Repeat Lever
Tilt Motor
Continues Hyper-Cubism

'50 Miscellaneous Devices' or 50-Devices-Reached (ambiguous)
Continues Hyper-Cubism, feels uninspired
Gains Job at Public Library

Gives Knowledge Generation Bureau info about relative status as inventor)

Moves to Howe St., Loses Job
Organizes philosophical thoughts, continues artwork)

Meets Colleen Conlon, she moves away. Conflictive behavior ensues.
Uninspired about perpetual motion.
Circa 40 - 80 Ornate Works Lost at Cafe (in addition to the 440 or so given away)

(Moves to Orange St. in September)
Complete Categorical Deduction Method, while writing Dimensional Philosopher's Toolkit
Continues Hyper-Cubism, feels slightly more inspired

1st Magnet Concept
Inspired Hyper-Cubism
Begins Writing Secret Principles of Immortality at Ezinearticles.com
Begins to sell art at Etsy.com

Continues Digital Overlapping Hyper-Cubic Works
My first painting that Looks Like a Picasso
Coherent Categorical Deduction
The Dimensional Philosopher's Toolkit published.
Successful Over-Unity Experiment 1 (popular video)

Extensive articles published.
Method for solving all paradoxes (paroxysm)
Several artworks sold online for the first time.
Granted a minor philosophy award.

The Metaphysical Art
How to Build a 21-Dimensional Universe
Lever can lift its fulcrum.
Expanded psychic methods around this time.

Famous Quotable on Poemhunter
Extensive Systems Theory page (100+ systems also published as a book)
First device that functions almost like a perpetual motion machine (Pendulum 1).
Ignore the Elephant, flawless Hyper-Cubism
Granted membership in PESWiki (free energy alliance).
How to Build a 100-Dimensional Universe
Brand-name design concept
Method of devising the souls of literature (Library of Alexandria concept)
Top Writer in Quora categories such as Perpetual Motion, Analytic Philosophy and Modernism

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