Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Uncertainty Principle in Psychology

From Appendix XVI of the Dimensional Psychologist's Toolkit (2014):

(1) Determined or undetermined, there is no rational reason to feel defended, because defense is an artificial emotion; (2) There is no certain defense of happiness, because happiness involves defense of emotion; (3) People who are happy are defended; (4) Authentic emotions are not a defense, because they require an authentic defense; But an authentic defense cannot be absolute (change, death, etc.); Authentic emotion raises authentic questions; Authentic people are gamblers; To ask questions, whether or not they are authentic, is required unless someone is omniscient, by virtue of the fact that life involves inquiry; The exception is utter folly; One can reject facts, or one can conclude that ignorance is god, or one must ask questions; To avoid authentic questions, one cannot be authentic; (5) Happiness, sadness, or doubt, the conclusion is that matter is the brain, and it has no defense, since defense is an artificial emotion; Evidently, consciousness is a free event on real estate where there is or is not a poison; Unless life is determinate, and if it were, it would be arbitrary::

(Nathan Coppedge, pre-release)

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