Sunday, September 22, 2013

Semiotic Things on the Horizon for Perpetual Motion

The Old Yes - The answer to neglected problems;

The Perfect Object - "Things" which are not nonsense;

The Gradual Quest - The road to greater things;

Liberated Machines - Machines not enslaved to humans;

Definite Work - Labor that is reliable to watch;

Real Mechanical Clocks - That don't need ratcheting;

Symbols of Immortality - Machines, thus, man, can be long-lived;

Profits for Heaven - Pain-free work;

The Work of the Mind - Genuine products of intelligence;

The New Horizon - A changeable industrial landscape;

Add to this: (A) New archetypes, such as mobile buildings
and full-scale toy cars, leisure jobs, free-food factories, thinking government;
(B) Another rags-to-riches story;
(C) The justice of the first machines;

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