Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Interface Euphoria 3.0

I have been making efforts to compile lists of qualities and language expressions which evoke psychological sublimity for virtual reality environments.

There was the much earlier article (Interface Euphoria 2.0) using the expression PlayDolphin and SecretCloud and some other recommendations.

Now I will add to the list:

* "I will sequester in sleep"

* "The priest made a pattern of preambulations"

* "The gamer ambited over the course of the green"

* "The puzzle de-machicolated"

* "Heaven opened like the application of the will"

* "The worried stones had finally developed a fear of their own, to migrate towards the river"

* "Music gathered like water in the math"

* "There was a certain fitness, which could impress anyone"

* "The monster sat under the wall like it was a tree, and counted his tokens carefully"

* "Fear brimmed over the wall"

* "Chemical lightning, falling in forks upon the brain"

* "Idioms lost to silence"

* "Foreign words merged with her mouth"

* "The enemy was evacuated"

* "The roses were green"

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