Sunday, September 8, 2013

I have hints of new physics principles

Cite Nathan Coppedge if you re-use any of these ideas. If you want a more official answer, you will have to wait for my controversial encyclopedia volume on physics, which won't be due out for perhaps ten years. Actually: REVISION, the 78 Binary Laws has been published as an Article HERE. See also a different related article, The Physics: 232 Laws.

I am printing this material with the knowledge that it is more difficult to buy a book than---for some prodigious individuals---to immediately and impromptu develop equations based on the merest hint.

So here is my greatest feat of physics genius so far, by conventional standards. The method is still further developed when a method of categorical deduction is applied, yielding (currently) seventy-eight 'binary laws'.

All statements refer to forms of matter or energy, as might be present in physics equations.


Interaction is relative and gradual
Size is quantum and neutral
Energy is rational and finite
Mass is always definite and infinite
Excess is exceptional and relative
Mergence is neutral and correlative
Newness is quantum and gradual
Projection is redundant and coherent
Surface is gradual and redundant
Source is quantum and coherent
Guidance is finite and definite
Association is infinite and rational

The 78 Binary Laws (not repeated here, but based on the above) were inspired by an article in the New York Times, raising questions about contemporary physics in the context of Einstein's Relativity and the growing uncertainty about the true nature of black holes, e.g. is there a firewall effect preventing us from knowing about other universes, is the universe genuinely matter-neutral, and what is the fate of quantum information, etc.

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