Friday, September 27, 2013

Encyclopedia Developments

In the Dimensional Biologist's Toolkit (2015), a sense of how elaborate arguments for survival create equity fatui.

In the Dimensional Economist's Toolkit (2024), the introduction of a history model, in which:

The population difficulty in demand terms 
is the competing consumer information for 
peak population consumption when the peak 
of consumption including demand for 
populations based on information is information 
which is a product of consumption when it is 
still possible that the loss of consumption has 
information value.

In the Dimensional Physics Toolkit (2025), the aforementioned 78 Binary Laws of Physics.

In the Dimensional Time Travel Toolkit (~2027), 84 related methods of time-travel, consisting of 21 quadrae.

If I were the inventor of perpetual motion this would give me grounds to believe I had time traveled at some point, perhaps even by my own volition (theoretically).

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