Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Volitional History: Philosophical Developments Related to Perpetual Motion

~1000 BC 'Prokriti'

~500 BC Cosmos

~400 BC Theori

~1 AD 'Love'

~100 AD Sainthood

~300 AD Popular Physics Education

~1500 AD Mechanical Mind (Information)
                Empiricism (Natural Law)

~1700 Calculation (Decidability)
          Categorical Imperative (Decision-Making)

~1800 AD Philosophy of Process (Doing Something)
                Pragmatical Thought (Functionalism)

~1900 AD Nihilism (Denial Without God)
               Psychology (Academic Soul)
               Computer Programming (Virtual Mechanics)

~2000 AD Meaningful System (Coherent Categorical Deduction)

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