Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Collection of Favorite or Desired Words

Episophy, Macrosophy, Microsophy, and Mesosophy

Ismics, Metempsychic, Prosthetic (said of arguments)

Mutible (a word for changeable)

Portrage (a serving of soup)

Travail (as a word for travel)

Mediocriticism (as a play on mediocrity)

Mereology - the study of how something is found, as of syntax or status quo

Phronesis - practical knowledge, sometimes interpreted as morals

Parametric - said of something like isometry

Corruvulated - rivuled, spinnioned

Ecstatic - very excited, riveted, fanatic

Expectorate - deliberate, analyze

Hypocritical - disingenuous

Involution - reversal

Latitude - willingness, compatibility

Melange - variety, miscellany

Paragon - emblematic idyll

Phrasis - high phrase, or language body

Proverse - verse elect, that is, a sanguine parser

Remand - subject to a contrary demand

Sui Generis - typical in general

Supplication - donations, homily

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