Friday, August 2, 2013

Increased Popularity, But No Recent Purchases

My commercial art gallery at has been included in over 160 favorites collections, but no purchases so far.

Also, there has been a small amount of feedback, some of it negative (but not very outspoken), on Amazon, in regards to my three published books: The 1-Page-Classics (2012), The Dimensional Philosopher's Toolkit (2013), and Creeping Cadence and Cadence Continues (2013). That is, customers have not considered the current reviews very helpful. I had two sales on Amazon in May, but none since then.

I'm waiting for a review of the 1-Page-Classics by Jamie "Cat" Callan and Samantha Kusiak. Both have delayed considerably, for unknown reasons.

However, there are six "likes" for the Dimensional Philosopher's Toolkit on Barnes & Noble, which feels like progress.

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