Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I Had a Dream Which Revealed One of the Secrets of the Lord of the Rings

There are two doors which stand eternal:
The first one [Hell] leads to life eternal:
In the second one [Blank] no one dies:
The first man chooses life eternal:
Then he learns he burns infernal:
The second one chooses door the second:
Soon his death becomes a lesson:
The third man chooses to be a demon:
Ruling Hell to survive reason:
The fourth one chooses no selection:
And infinitely goes in no direction:
The fifth one is ruled by demons:
The sixth one knows the door to choose:
And stands beyond all time confused:

The critical lesson appears to be that the ring travels in two directions, as though one is hell-slaves, and the other yogis. Parts of the Lord of the Rings are references to the riddle, for example, the dwarf halls are a way of reasoning about Hell: perhaps Hell has priceless treasure (the conventional argument for God's Hell, e.g. the meaning of suffering), or perhaps Hell is merely work, in which case one might "still get burned", a way of reasoning that the value of life is incomprehensible. The immortal, in contrast, is compared to madness such as fortuity (the wild wizard) and telepathy: the message from the elf queen: suggesting things like long life is inhabited by dragons, producing the conventional duality of good and evil; In any case, it is interesting to note that this sort of riddle is the beginning of the end of the Roman Catholic belief in Hell. Assuming it is incorporated or decorporated.

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