Wednesday, August 28, 2013

For those that don't know

I'm still in school (hopefully to be completed). I'm taking one class per semester, so at this rate I'll be done in about 12 and a half years, considering the requirements. Anyway, my current course is a course for my major called Pre-Socratics to Plotinus.

On the first day, the professor didn't show up. That means I've spent four bus tickets on this class---two to get the book yesterday, to be prepared for class, and two today for an untaught classroom.

Perhaps there is a detection problem, along the lines of "one of the students wrote a book of philosophy, so therefore the professorship is covered". I felt kind of like the philosopher of the day, although I admit it's exaggerated in my mind, because another student was saying as much as I was. I have a habit of exaggerating everyday conversations, although it's clear enough that it could be a short leap to interesting areas of interest.

By the time I finish at Southern, I'll have published nearly thirty books, at my current rate of production! And at two or three times that of works which I chose not to publish, or saved for a day when I had more capital.

Since I don't plan on earning a PhD., the only more prestigious thing I can think of doing after I graduate is to publish essays at peer-review quality journals on the internet. It's a pity my philosophy is going to waste in the meantime, but at least there's some significance to the idea that respectable journals require an education.

It will be interesting to see if there is a large difference between my final papers and my private work. They are becoming vastly divided, with the small exception of the composition class in which I was allowed to mention Gottlieb Frege.

I can feel the pressure to mention Mozart, and go down what appears to be an artificial lane of belated conceits and exaggerations, promising things that could only be achieved by a more humble-minded and acerbic approach.

Alas! How will I explain myself in twelve years? It is like the future is already gone, but much is being achieved without any evidence of reward! What a small world, with such bad ideas! There are some people who would mistakenly think the same thing of me.

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