Friday, July 19, 2013


I posted some more casual reviews, one from a bookstore employee, and one from an analyst I met at a cafe, along with a repeat of Phil Hall's encouraging review from the bottom of the page, at my DPT page on Amazon:

Anyone who has just stumbled on this site should read my earlier post on Prodigious Fame, and my much earlier posts about my Interview with Ian McGinn the Philosopher, and my Coincidental Interview with Warren G. Buffett or A Very Good Impersonator (maybe I'm in a different universe than I was then to account for the different initial---).

Recently I've been spending time at Starbucks a lot, and still avoiding coffee unless Chai Lattes count (the concentrated box gives 4 out of 5 stars for caffeine, I don't know if that means no matter how much milk you add or what. Anyway, I have been cutting down the number of pumps, just in case it's coffee. But supposedly it's not).

I have a plan to go to an art show on Friday the 26th at ArtSpace. A young woman named Erika, who is an analyst, will be showing art work there. She has agreed to analyze my book for me, and possibly provide some kind of review material. Hopefully so.

The biggest news recently is the earlier post about KGBANSWERS.CO.UK. They said I'm one of the top three perpetual motion theorists, along with Newton and Einstein.

I still have medicated schizophrenia, and I'm still not depressed. Things are pretty good, although not as economically or emotionally rewarding as I would like. This conversation with Erika was one of the best things that happened to me recently. Not love at first sight, but at least she's attractive and would talk to me. She has very short hair, which I attribute to Lesbians. But it's not like I'm a player, in the only language that's available locally.

Sometimes I think my sexuality is architecture. And I'm not an architect, so that rules that out. But don't misinterpret me if you're a young woman who happens to be obsessed or fascinated for good or bad reasons.

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