Saturday, July 6, 2013

I've had several interesting dreams lately

I'm in the habit of recording a dream diary / journal in which I use the online dream dictionary (see my miscellaneous links) to analyze components of the dream. It is somewhat effective, but I get mixed results since not every word I want is present in the dictionary. Sometimes the results are a little surprising or even fall short of meaning much of anything.

For example, I had a dream that I was God with a vision of a symbol for two-thousand years of history, and the result the dictionary gave was something like "great accomplishments" and "uniqueness" (the closest approximation I could find for the symbol was that it resembled a cow. I couldn't find Zeus in the dictionary).

I also had a dream that I went on a field trip with some kids, and our parents and chaperones declared war on us, and we ended up victorious by commandeering a hover tank.

Sometimes I'm wondering if I'm taking my dreams too far due to my thirst for dream dictionary definitions. Seems possible (I've used up significant parts of all sections except Q, X, and Y, which I haven't clicked on yet).

I can fantasize that I have significant dreams, at least. That makes my days seem more important.

For those interested in the two-thousand year symbol and other visions I've had, see my Visions Page.

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