Saturday, July 6, 2013

Gnomonic Symbols

 How To Interpret the Following Symbols?

The gridi-form structure appears to be composing or decomposing. It might be a symbol for language, graphical games, or physical structure. It appears to offer a manifestation of reality, a manifestation of secrets, an access to manifestation, and a secret access. These parts describe a two-dimensional pyramid.

          This more dimensional figure looks like a metallic orb with a path winding into it. It seems to express a duality. Secondly, there is a transposition of nature and architecture. It also looks like a woman's head. It could represent culture. Looking at the lines for independent value from representation, there is a latched quality which suggests mechanics and then again perhaps a plan of winding paths. It looks like a kind of marked serpent. Perhaps it represents the unknown.

This last gnomon looks like petrified rock. It has a Zen quality. The figures are both open and closed. The organization seems to be having a thought about itself. Nature seems both eternal and eroded.

Combining the three figures, we might find a structure that is paradoxically complete. The snake becomes the garden, the stones have variation, the grid is partially complete from more than one angle.

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