Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Follies of Ideation

[Linear Sets]

Set One: The Drifter

1. Nihilism
2. Laziness
3. Pre-Determination
4. Acceptance

Set Two: The Artist

1. Ambiguity
2. Inspiration Alone
3. Desire Alone
4. Mere Sophistication

Set Three: The Professional

1. Belief
2. Work
3. Chance
4. Failure

Set Four: The Corporation

1. Arbitration
2. Boring Rules
3. Meaningful Trajectory
4. Back to the Basics

So, in categorical terms we are left with the following meaningful sets:

  I. Nihilism, Laziness, Inspiration, Ambiguity

 Deductions: Nihilism is lazy when inspiration is ambiguous,
Nihilism is ambiguous when inspiration is lazy.

II. Pre-Determination, Acceptance, Mere Sophisication, Desire Alone 

Deductions: Pre-determination is accepted when mere sophistication is the only desire,
Pre-determination is desire-alone when mere sophistication is accepted.

III. Chance, Failure, Back to the Basics, Meaningful Trajectory

 Deductions: Chance is a failure when back to the basics is a meaningful trajectory, Chance is a meaningful trajectory when back to the basics fails.

  IV. Belief, Work, Boring Rules, Arbitration

 Deductions: Belief works when boring rules are arbitrated, Belief is arbitrated when boring rules work. 

Ostensibly these deductions provide guidance both for good and bad approaches to the folly of ideas.

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