Thursday, May 16, 2013

Using Personality Typing As A Basis for Economic and Infrastructure Decisions

In my writings for the Dimensional Psychologist's Toolkit, I have re-interpreted the versalism duality (introversion and extroversion) into four categories: (1) Advantage / Priority (2) Selection / Collection (3) Generality / Digestion, and (4) Process / Mathy (A, S, G, P).

The categories are broad enough that they might also apply to social conditions, as represented by competing agendas for infrastructure and economics. The differing motivations are foundational for different political and monetary approaches, and for different computational and personal-relations paradigms, judging by the standard that no single one of these aspects is 'paradigmatic' by itself. At least, not usually (as a side note, it is possible that 1 always applies to 3, and 2 always applies to 4, but this is another issue that I will leave on the side, since it is likely to have the same problems as the introvert extrovert distinction in its applications to emotional and cognitive standards).

Here is social agenda and reform according to my personality types; The descriptions provide alternate and differering frameworks, and because they aim to be coherent, the choice is between one of them; there is no option to opt-out:

(1) Advantage / Priority

A dominating economy and military
The best education in the world
Market monopolies
Mobile government

(2) Selection/ Collection

Widely available jobs
Abundant resources
The best consultants
Cultural capital

(3) Generality/ Digestion

Mobile citizens

(4) Processing / Mathy

Computing power
Easy applications

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