Saturday, May 18, 2013

I've made some progress

on a book about time-travel.

Here is a sample from the list of methods which is part of the book:

" *Time travel by memory and location

This includes the following sub-methods:
1. Identify a location with more than one time;
2. Travel to the current time;
3. Identify the location with travel;
4. Travel to the other time;"

Tentatively the title will be the Dimensional Time-Travel Toolkit. But, if so, it may not be released for 17 years, as I have other projects also in line, and I have to synch it with the appropriate four-book part of the encyclopedia.

Here is the list of encyclopedias as I plan to publish them (Some of them may actually end up being published sooner, depending on how many secondary projects I have to publish):

Dimensional Philosopher's Toolkit (published)
Dimensional Psychologist's Toolkit (next year 2014, currently 200 pages)
Dimensional Biologist's Toolkit (2015, currently 60 pages)
Dimensional Phenomenologist's Toolkit (2016, currently over 20 pages)

Dimensional Aesthetics Toolkit (2017, love-hate relationship)
Dimensional Critic's Toolkit (2018, currently over 50 pages)
Dimensional Paralogy Toolkit (2019)
Dimensional Cosmologist's / Universalist's Toolkit (2020)

Dimensional Mathematics Toolkit (2021)
Dimensional History Toolkit (2022)
Dimensional Politics Toolkit (2023)
Dimensional Economics Toolkit (2024)

Dimensional Physics Toolkit (2025)
Dimensional Poetics Toolkit (2026)

Update on further editions: Metalogy and Etymology are out, Defense and Time-Travel are in. Plans are mostly in order for a Subjectivity, Anthropology, Spell-Casting / Wizards, and Trickery Toolkits.

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