Monday, April 29, 2013

New Articles Published

Secret Principles of Immortality, Edition 17 Aspects of the experience of immortality-as-mirth.

The Most Absconded Theory Hints about philosophy.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Haphazard Study of Life and Death Using Symbolism

Semen may be attracted to funeral urns, because astronauts love evidence of matter in space.

This goes along with the idea that children are evil according to the Catholic Church, or more accurately children seek to explain their own lives by any means, including exaggeration. It would be interesting to tell how contingent this so-called evil is upon events in history such as Darwin's writings, and the relation between the Children's Crusade and birth pains. Every time a major concept is played, it is as though someone plays the fool as well, so where evolution meant something intellectually, it was also a detraction from the basic biology. No one could deny the contrast at least.

Teenagers love irony the way children love truth. This is a form of virtue, virtue in its bitterest most original form. Some would say that Christ or even Krishna, are teenage gods who have realized the principle of original virtue, that is, the principle of the teenager. Yet in some cases, this irony is itself a truth, suggesting that truth is a virtue in itself, and that whatever develops from irony is also original in a similar sense to the way virtue is original.

Young adults are said to have developed some character or experience which they have not in earlier life. It might be an exaggeration to call this 'wisdom' in every case, but it could be a form of pragmatism. I will shy away from calling all young adults professionals, but certainly there is a quality of proficiency which might not have been present before. Yet could proficiency develop from virtue the way that irony developed from truth? I would choose instead to follow the older rule, and say that young adults are 'sophisticated'. This is in keeping with the measurements made by the sophomoric.

Where a young consul is merely proficient, a slightly older consul is accomplished. This is in keeping with the idea that this fourth stage is sophistication. Yet in some ways, sophistication is a gift that must be kept at arms-length. The sophisticate may also be a liar, an actor with a mask, or someone humbled by life's journey. Sophistication is attracted to freedom, and by entailment, problems and solutions. Some would call this the 'anticipated center' of life. Although everyone is trying to achieve sophistication, it is largely unattainable. The basic facts of life are not sophisticated at all.

Perhaps disappointed, middle-aged people are looking for surprises, and life itself. Some would say these are the most qualified to have children. But they certainly aren't looking for a funeral urn, irony, virtue, and perhaps not sophistication. They have learned the lesson that sophistication is evil.

Old people are looking for actualization. They are looking for the things they missed along the way. Again, they are certainly not looking for a funeral urn. But they have a blindness to what it means to the semen. They are also looking for something beyond the ordinary, in effect something other than what they have already experienced. But this thing they are looking for is not dust, or irony, or virtue, or sophistication, or surprises. Without considerable resourcefulness, they have run out of rope.

On schedule

with my second volume of the Dimensional Encyclopedia, The Dimensional Psychologist's Toolkit.

Should be interesting to read for those that love the topic.

My general hope is to attract interest for the encyclopedia in general, rather than working only with the discrete topic areas.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I commented: Esther Dyson's April Post on Project-Syndicate

Dyson has been mirroring some of my commentaries every now and then. I try to build on my own themes after they re-appear. Maybe interesting. The theme is consumerism and technology, with an emphasis on new trends.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Coherent Knowledge and the Philosophy of Perpetual Motion Have Mutual Symbolism

There is a direct analogy between properties of perpetual motion and those of a knowledge system.

Here is a basic list:

Coherency: Unity

Deduction: Energy

Proofs: Levers

Implication: Slope

Intellectual Discipline: Types of Materials

Virtues: Buoyancy

Rhetorical strength: Mass

Process: Cycle

Ideas for Virtual Reality Spells

If you play Italo Calvino, you can say "stories" and it enhances the urban ambiance (Calvino is the author of Invisible Cities).

If you play a magical realist, such as Borges, you can say "twisty passages" and the story gets confusingly enchanted (Borges is the author of The Garden of Forking Paths).

If you play a Latin American writer, you can say "he was still there" and everything gets minimalistic (Augusto Monterroso wrote the famous minimalist poem, The Dinosaur, which ends similarly).

Or, perhaps a personality survey can give differing levels of magic power, within categories defined by similarly interesting subjects.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Interface Design Futures

Here is a list of potential developments in advanced interface design:

1. Forms of life based on aesthetic options: alter structure by aesthetics meta-tags, resulting in modes based on 'expressionism' (emotional interface), 'general abstraction' (conceptualism), 'dimensionalism' (tunneling through a machine)

2. Use divided geometric shapes and clicking (or thinking) to create a conceptual user-space in which any general tool can relate with any other. Output of artwork and writing using a categorical computing method. Outputted results can be put on a 'Tray' and interpreted for interface ideas by the interface system.

3. Potential for input on virtual physics laws / functions and usefulness of personally generated information products.

4. Modality load-outs with accessibility functions to make any load-out usable to average players, similar to cheat codes. Layers of accessibility allowing toggling between child-level and advanced functions.

5. Public interface structure interfaces with architecture, life-module zoning, and interface functions to promote incentives for any valuable product, and to promote the exponential development of any new idea. Developed ideas are then put into an advanced Tray where they may be adopted as major interface components. The key here is a combination of casual use, advanced functions, and design compatibility. This is not inherently bare-bones, if it is understood that there are multiple types of efficient interface, multiple forms of visual appeal, and multiple viable categories of functions. Interfaces can have the same variety as books, if the code is centralized, but the visuals are preference-based.

Newly Published Articles

Secret Principles of Immortality, Edition 11 Perpetual motion and longevity.

Secret Principles of Immortality, Edition 12 Herbal medicine and longevity.

Secret Principles of Immortality, Edition 13 Age before youth.

Secret Principles of Immortality, Edition 14 The Immortal Athlete

Friday, April 12, 2013

A Deception

You turn the cap counter-clockwise because the bottle rotates to the right;

This makes sense until it is realized that counter-clockwise is to the left;

But does this solve the problem?

Clearly, the motion of the bottlecap and the motion of the bottle must be in opposite directions; But they're not; Perhaps we are being deceived;

The only solution is that the bottlecap is in fact moving to the right, as per the horizontal not top view, and hence the bottle is moving to the left, contrary to intuition;

Why would the bottle move to the left?;

Evidently because someone thought that counter-clockwise was intuitive;

But at this point, it seems like they're being deceived;

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