Sunday, March 3, 2013

Occasional Quotidian Post, Updated

Still living on Orange St. in New Haven, since September 2011.

Plans are under weigh to publish my fourth and fifth books via Amazon publishing (called CreateSpace) rather than attempting Authorhouse again. Authorhouse has physically better quality books, but the rumor is they're worse at advertising to the main distributors. It's obvious that their name hurts compared to almost anybody else. Amazon might be the next step up from the abyss of the forsaken.

But the good news is, my AuthorRank at Amazon had risen temporarily to 158,787 based on the influence of a very small number of recent sales (plural at least, in the last two months). Anyone with people connections can do better than me with sales. I try to make my book titles public knowledge, but it doesn't always work.

My web pursuits and parsing of statistics continue on a weekly basis.

I visit my mother's family on the weekends.

I have printed several editions of the Everything Papers (a philosophical one-page newspaper), which is sometimes available on Starbucks or other cafes in New Haven.

The Everything Papers may eventually be available as a book volume, for those that are curious. My original plan was to print it in a self-published edition of "collected works" but I now realize the Everything Papers may have 100 editions before it is appropriate to print a collected works.

The detraction is that that newspaper can only be printed on full-size paper, which takes money away from royalties. But, I remind myself, I have been self-publishing, so the royalty amount is, as my father would say, "only an extra something" with none of the connotations of greed.

I've earned little more than 15 dollars so far in over a year of having multiple volumes in print.

But they are good books. They are just not advertised. And they are not yet available in bookstores.

That's it for this quotidian post, on a boring day where I haven't received e-mail for several hours (forget about the female aspect).

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