Saturday, January 19, 2013

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Public Media: Predicting Future Technologies:

Is Emotional Cognition Replacing Mathematical Processing?:

My Five Seconds with Warren G. Buffett

This was years ago. And I know it is possible only because I didn't pay any money.

I was visiting my dad for vacation where he worked in Washington for a government research agency. We happened upon a little nondescript bistro of some kind; We were thirsty; It was pricey, but we decided to get a lemonade;

Everything was normal and a little ritzy when a figure at the far table spoke up:

Buffett (or a very good impersonator): "I'm an old man giving advice about everything anything you want to do. But there's a price. What do you say?"

Michael: "Well okay, what do you say Nathan?"

Buffett: "Step up, step up my son"

Nathan: "What I want to do is philosophy"

Buffett: "This restuarant is chintzy. What you need is a categorical system----"

Michael: "Wait, just stop there: How much did that cost?"

Buffett: "Based on Confucius: Seventy-two hundred dollars"

Michael: "But that was just ten seconds---five seconds flat"

Buffett: "Seventy-two hundred dollars. But have it your way, five seconds five thousand dollars"

Michael: "But this is ridiculous. I approach you thinking you're a kind old man and it turns out you're a greedy trickster"

Buffett: "Let's have a free chat. You're not going to be a philosopher. Not in this day and age. So make art, make art"

Michael: "Did that help, Nathan?"

Nathan: "I don't know, but I think he's wise"

Buffett: "That's priceless, you go away with it: I already know you can't afford me. There you are with your lemonade, and I'm a billionaire. A billionaire. You shouldn't speak to me if you killed my secretary. You shouldn't speak to me if you woke up and shouted Merry Christmas---"

Michael: "I'm sorry, I didn't know you were a billionaire. That makes a difference"

Then my father turned to me: "Here, you got good advice Nathan, so I get to finish the lemonade"

A few weeks later we were in a car, and Michael asked me my opinion on Warren G. Buffett.

"Warren G. Buffett can make mud seem smart" I said. "But I really mean it" I said. I wasn't sure if my father understood.

"You know what you mean?" my dad said "He can make mud-ney seem smart".

We were still trying to laugh it off.


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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Book Published

The Dimensional Philosopher's Toolkit has been published.

It is available on Amazon (Barnes and Noble soon):

I have been promoting the book on Twitter to my distant philosophical acquiantances.

Definitely worth buying, in the context of systems and arguments. For example, the Macro, Meso, and Micro arguments for Free-Will might be worth the cover price.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Influences for Hyper-Cubism

A certain work by Kandinsky pre-dates Hyper-Cubism, and shows patterns of dimension:

The influence of this work can be seen in the following image, which I have used on my Twitter profile:

It reminds me of a specific word, perhaps moribund or decoupage.